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I bring with me my experience in the field of healing and offer prenatal meetings and fear-release guided meditations. 

As a birth photographer, I offer photography at all my births and for the first hours after birth to help document all those important “firsts” and to help process the birth afterwards.  I am a Childbirth Educator and Lactation Counselor and have come up with my own series & style which incorporates the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Because of the struggles I faced as a pregnant/new mom, the hurdles I overcame and rose above, I am devoting my profession to helping Moms and their family members hopefully feel a little less lost or alone.

I offer a variety of packages and am flexible, fair and compassionate, and will work with you to help you find something that works for you.

" I am a Full Spectrum Doula and Photographer (DouTographer), focused on supporting and documenting growing BIPOC & DEAF families."

Doula, Nicole J.


DouTographer $1880

(40% deposit required upon booking)

- Maternity Session

- First 48

- Placenta Encapsulation 

- 100+ Edited Images (online gallery)

- 3 postpartum visits 

Celebration of

Birth Photographer at Your Service

Labor can be a blur and it’s helpful to have your partner’s full support. Hiring a professional birth photographer allows your partner to give you the attention and support you need without having to worry about capturing the moment or even missing that moment. Your partner is fully present. I’ve had clients not remember a thing about their labor, but when they view their birth story, the emotions and memory come flooding back. It’s as if they are reliving that exact moment again.


I’m a creative person with a passion for children and connecting with others. After many years as a professional photographer, I am making the transition to becoming a birth worker and I am excited to bring my photographic capabilities to this work. I am inspired by every day people, love, simple and extraordinary moments. I am interested in supporting and documenting families during the very tender moments of birth, as well as telling your story by photographing simple moments of family connection.

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